31 million fellow Americans have health care!!

Why is it that all we hear about is “who’s going to pay for it?” Have the lives of our fellow citizens become so cheap?
What if it were our children who could now get health care (not just insurance but care) in a hospital because they are insured when injured by an accident or threatened by serious illness? Or our parents whose care we are responsible for? What about if it were our spouse or ourselves? Would we then be in favor of “Obamacare?”

I remember a phrase from my past about it depending on whose ox is gored – or maybe whose ox gets treatment when it’s gored.

We watch TV and movies about lives that are saved at the last minute against all odds and we cheer when victims are saved. How different are the reactions of many in real life when they fear that the victims saved may cost them money?! But if we asked these same people which they value more, money or lives, how many do you think would answer “money?” Not many, But their actions  betray their true feelings.

Every other industrial nation has long ago stated their preference for life over money. Can we, in the United States of America, the wealthiest nation on the planet, do less for our citizens, our families, ourselves?

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