REPUBLICANS ARE ANTI-AMERICAN AND UNCHRISTIAN Posted on July 10, 2010 by jay31 OK, maybe not all Republicans, and some Democrats can fit uncomfortably within the ranks of the unpatriotic and unchristian.  But Republican Congressmen and extreme right thinking Republicans do form an anti- govenment “column” within this country. And they do not hesitate to tell you so. Before the dissenting shouts get too loud and the placards too extreme, let me tell you my reasons for making that deliberately insulting assertion. In the 1940s and ‘50s, the term “fifth column” was as popular as it was mysterious.  Senator Joe McCarthy made everyone familiar with the term with his House Unamerican Activities Investigations that ended in an investigation and national disenchantment with the Senator himself. I found this explanation of the origin of the phrase in Wikepedia: “From a 1936 radio address by Spanish Nationalist general Emilio Mola, in which he spoke of four of his army columns moving on Madrid and a fifth column consisting of his militant supporters within the capital, intent on undermining the Republican government from within.” The reasons I say Republicans are anti-American are: 1. They opposed health care reform so that thousands of citizens would continue to die, in favor of wealthy health care insurance executives; they preferred the one strike and your out for those who had a “pre-existing condition”.  2. They were responsible for sending the majority this country’s well paying manufacturing jobs overseas in favor of wealthy corporations. 3. They   pursue wars overseas with thousands of military deaths rather than take care of citizens’ security needs here at home by preventing bridges from collapsing, and shootings in schools.  4. While they accuse Democrats of “tax and spend”, Republicans simply spend without taxing. thereby enlarging the U.S. deficit about which they then complain loudly and endlessly. 5. They scream bloody murder about our children and grandchildren being burdened with our deficits while refusing extended unemplyment benefits to workers who need the money to feed their living children. The list goes on: Republicans like oil companies and other polluters better than the hard-working Americans who make their living from the oceans and waterways of our country calling consumer protection of these workers, socialism. They call “overburdening” and “holding hostage” poor corporations obliged to pay into “slush funds” for the “undeserving” workers. Republicans are unchristian because 1. They do not believe there’s anything good about being poor or poor in spirit;  the Republican mantra is “Greed is good”.  2.  They believe in peacemaking but ony after winning a bloody conflict in which thousands of America’s enemies have been “smitten”, (killed that is) including thousands of their women and children. 3. When it comes to loving your enemies, they think that may relate to a neighbor who fails to return a borrowed tool, but as far as international enemies, we must smite them with “shock and awe”.  4. And when it comes to seeking what is right and just, that’s ok so long as you understand that the good old USA is never not right or unjust. If you want to be persecuted for seeking what is right and just, they’ll be glad to oblige with some pretty nifty persecutions of their own. Meanwhile, like the Pharisees of old, the new right takes pride in being the last word in patriotism and Christian virtue.  Let’s see, didn’t someone say something like: “When facism comes to this country it will come draped in the Flag and carrying a cross”?  Could they have forseen “our friends” on the right! Posted in Uncategorized | Tagged Uncategorized | Leave a comment | Edit

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